Virtual Events/Panel Discussions – The Cure For Conference Cancellations

Concerns about the spread of the Coronovirus are causing travel restrictions and conference cancellations everywhere. Thankfully, there’s a solution.

Live Streaming

We can stream to your website, YouTube channel, Facebook page or even Twitter (if you have an account with your own rep.). Soon, we’ll also add LinkedIn Live to the list. We can also stream in complete privacy using one of your streaming services or ours. We can also add in-room and online audience interactivity with polling, surveys and moderated audiences questions.
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Multi-Camera Video Production

The description that our clients seem to appreciate most is “flexible.” With 4K/HD cameras, robotic PTZ cameras, mixed-format, computer-based production switching, easy integration of (lots of) graphics, in-camera, in-computer and independent iso-recording and much more, we’ve been known to accommodate some seriously complex requests. We can also make it ridiculously simple; whatever satisfies the need.
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Virtual Round Table Discussions

If you’re a fan of cable news, you’re likely familiar with the “round table” panel discussion. You might have seen the moderator and as few as one other participant in the studio – and everyone else is at other locations – often worldwide. We can achieve this look, complete with multiple re-sizing and re-positioning on-screen participant-filled boxes, without any studio. And we can be anywhere in the world managing the “control room.”
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Supplemental Audio and Lighting

Most hotel and conference facilities can support basic needs for public address (PA) and ambient lighting. It often becomes challenging for them – and sometimes very costly – when you exceed their basic in-house capabilities. TV cameras require light; the more available the better. When stages with podiums and panel tables aren’t lit well, the video suffers – add a bright projected image, Read More

Event Management “Proxy” Services

If you’re planning to run an event in the Greater Philadelphia area and you’re not based nearby, we can interface with the facility team, in-person, on your behalf – acting as your on-site proxy.

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Podcasts & Other Production Services

You can think of full scale, live video production as the super-set of production related services. That means that everything else can be thought of as sub-sets.  Included in these sub-sets are pre-production services like site surveys, meetings, graphic elements creation (including titles, lower thirds, animated transitions and PowerPoint prep), set/staging consultation, remote participant preparation, Read More

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