Who We Are

We’re all about service, cooperative problem-solving and trust. We’ll be the kind of technology and production partner you’ve always wanted; who takes ownership of your event (and live stream) as you do; with dedication, flexibility and a “whatever it takes” approach to to delivering a great experience.

Your contact point is David Peltz, producer, director, technical director and founder of Eastern Webcast Services. He’s a seasoned pro; a veteran of the broadcast and corporate production worlds with years of experiences on the facility, production company, agency and client sides too – and he’s on every project that we do.

What kind of work do we do? Live and on-demand webcasts for symposia, seminars, town halls, virtual panel discussions, podcasts and more.

We work with corporations, non-profits, hotels, conference centers, live event platforms, video production companies and even other live streaming companies that sometimes find themselves with too much work and too few resources. In fact, we’re their best kept secret.

    Eastern Webcast Services

    +1 267-857-0210

    Greater Philadelphia Area